More Water Less Soda

The start of a new month is the perfect way to start with a clean slate. New month, new goals. I always try to find ways that will better my health, as well as try to influence others to do the same. While I don't have a problem with soda I know many who can't go a day without their coveted dirty diet coke. Let me give you some insight on way you should try to cut soda out of your diet for this month.
  • It is the single largest source of added sugar, and empty calories in the modern american diet.
  • Soda can spike insulin levels in the body increasing belly fat, and risk of diabetes.
  • It has no nutritional value, but can lead to weight gain, obesity, and cavities.
  • If you drink 2 12 oz sodas everyday for one month, you will drink 8,000 calories + 5 pounds of sugar.
  • To burn that off you would have to walk about 100 miles.
With that being said let me offer you a healthier alternative. Fruit flavored water! Not only is it yummy and refreshing it is actually super good for you. Here are two of my favorite infused waters that are super simple and easy. The first is filled with blueberries, limes, and oranges. The second has mint (at the bottom :( ), strawberries, and blackberries.
PS Laura you inspired this post forever ago ;)
As always thanks for reading

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