The Best Fall Sweets

the best fall sweets
Although Labor Day is celebrated as the last official day of summer, today celebrates the first unofficial day of fall! Fall is my favorite season: from the clothes to the food, it is something I look forward to each year. As a preview to all the delicious fall recipes, today I am recapping some of the best fall sweets. From caramel corn cupcakes to baked pumpkin donuts, these are just a few fall flavors I will be eating to kick off the new season.

The Best Fall Sweets

Fall flavors are some of my favorite. From caramel to pecan to pumpkin, these are some of the warmest and most delicious flavors in my book. The temperatures still might be warm, but I’m already planning for all the fall recipes, especially fall sweets:
how to make caramel corn cupcakes

Caramel Corn Cupcakes

recipe here
I have always enjoyed making cupcakes and coming up with new and unique recipes. Caramel corn is one of my favorite flavors of fall and it seemed only fitting to make a favorite fall snack into a cupcake! You can see the full recipe here.
pumpkin french toast

Pumpkin French Toast

recipe here
Although technically not a dessert, this pumpkin french toast is the perfect sweet treat for breakfast. Especially for a cool fall weekend or even Thanksgiving morning, this french toast casserole is an easy, make ahead dish. However, this dish isn’t light on the calories! More of a special occasion dish, this breakfast casserole is to die for! See the full recipe here.
pecan pie cookies

Pecan Pie Cookies

recipe here
Hands down, one of my favorite pies is pecan pie. The warm, pecan filling is so decadent and is full of fall flavors. And while I love the traditional pecan pie, these pecan pie cookies are bite-sized and more manageable. And much easier to eat! Which might not be the best thing?! These cookies are a great way to enjoy all the flavors of a pecan pie in one bite. See the full recipe here.
baked pumpkin donuts

Baked Pumpkin Donuts

recipe here
Pumpkin donuts. Is there any better combination? Add the baked element to these fall treats and it makes for a delicious (and not too terrible for you) sweet breakfast or dessert. Last year, I made these close to the end of October and decorated them with Halloween-inspired sprinkles. Easy to make and slightly healthier than the type you might buy in store. See the full recipe here.
What fall sweets are you looking forward to this season? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Thanks for reading, friends! See you back here tomorrow for an all new Wednesday Wishes!

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