Mexican Style Street Corn

mexican style street corn
There is nothing like summer side dishes. The fresh vegetables and light flavors of summer sides are the perfect addition to any meal. Especially a meal on the grill. Corn on the cob is probably one of my favorite side dishes of summer. But of all the corn on the cob I have had in my life, this Mexican Style Street Corn takes first place in my heart.
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easy mexican style street corn
mexican style street corn

Mexican Style Street Corn

We eat corn on the cob at least once a week in our house. While this is one of my favorite side dishes of summer, the same cannot be said for Richard. Although, in our eight years of marriage, I think corn on the cob is finally starting to grow on him. Especially when I make this Mexican Style Street Corn recipe. He found a similar recipe and thought he would like the combination. Needless to say I jumped at the chance to make a recipe of corn on the cob he requested. I left out the garlic butter for mine because for us, the olive oil is sufficient. You can see the original recipe here.
The cheese, chives and lime juice add a wonderful flavor to the corn, but just grilling the corn is a step up from the usual boiled version. I have grilled the corn with the husks on and completely shucked and cleaned (like I did here) and personally, I much prefer them done this way. The last time I grilled corn with the husks on, one of the husks caught on fire! And while the flavor is good, there is something even better about putting the corn directly on the grill. Although, keep in mind, you do have to watch it closely because the corn can burn quickly.

Fresh Summer Ingredients

As for the three ingredients I topped the corn with, there isn’t a better combination. And I love how simple the ingredients are, but how complex the flavor is. Since it is Mexican Style Street Corn, I used queso fresco. If you are unable to find queso fresco in your grocery store, feta cheese would work well too. You might just have to rename it Mediterranean Style Street Corn I added chives because they are one of my favorite herbs to use this time of the year, but if you wanted to stick with the Mexican theme, cilantro would work well too. The juice from the lime really brings all the flavors together and creates a fun spin on the traditional corn on the cob side dish. My favorite part of the recipe is how the queso fresco starts to melt when it is sprinkled on the warm corn. Is there anything more delicious than melted cheese?!


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Mexican Style Street Corn
  1. Preheat the grill over medium heat. Once the corn has been shucked and cleaned, brush each ear with olive oil to coat well. Place the corn on the warm grill and close the lid. Check about every 5 minutes to see if it needs turned. [Once the kernels start to brown, it goes pretty quick.] Continue to rotate for about 15 minutes until desired doneness is reached.
  2. Transfer grilled corn to a serving dish. Add the cheese, chives and squeeze the lime juice over the corn. Serve immediately and enjoy.