4 Healthy Spins on Fall Comfort Food

4 Healthy Spins on Fall Comfort Food
With fall just around the corner, we are entering the time of year when I start to crave comfort food. Well, let’s be honest. There are some comfort foods I crave year-round! And as much as I would love to eat these comfort foods ALL.THE.TIME., it’s not very realistic. Today, I am rounding up four of my favorite healthy spins on fall comfort food. These recipes make you think you are enjoying the traditional recipe, without all the guilt.
If you didn’t already know, I have a slight obsession with mac and cheese. I could probably eat mac and cheese everyday and never get sick of it. Obviously, that would not be the healthiest habit, so I like to find ways to enjoy healthier versions of my favorite comfort food. Here are two ways to enjoy mac and cheese in a healthier way:
cauliflower mac and cheese
Of all the spins on traditional recipes I have made over the years, this Cauliflower Mac and Cheese might just be my favorite version! I’m a huge fan of cauliflower so this is a great combination for me. But don’t let the cauliflower ingredient keep you away if you aren’t a huge fan of the vegetable. The cheese sauce really does mask a lot of the infamous cauliflower taste! You can see the entire blog post and recipe here.
zoodle mac and cheese
I am going a little out of order so I can stick with the mac and cheese theme. If cauliflower isn’t your favorite vegetable, zucchini or "zoodles" could be a good alternative. The zucchini taste is even less noticeable in this recipe. Zucchini doesn’t really have a strong taste and the white cheese sauce really masks the taste well. The yellow and white cheese sauces could easily be swapped between these two recipes if you like. I’m usually a white cheddar person, but the yellow cheddar in the cauliflower recipe is pretty good, too! You can see the entire blog post and recipe here.
buffalo cauliflower appetizer
With college and NFL football in full swing, it’s difficult not to crave game day snacks throughout the weekend this time of the year. I’m not a huge fan of chicken, however, buffalo chicken is a major exception. For this healthy recipe spin, I replaced the chicken wings with cauliflower for the perfect game day appetizer. This is a pretty good alternative (and much healthier!) to buffalo chicken wings. You can see the entire blog post and here.
sweet potato nachos
Nachos are another game day favorite. And while I enjoy them year-round, they seem especially appropriate during football season. Nachos can be pretty high in calories. Depending on the toppings, you can exceed your daily calorie count pretty quickly! For this healthier spin, I swapped the regular tortilla chips for homemade sweet potato chips and was a little more selective on the toppings: avocado, tomatoes and cotija cheese, to keep with the Mexican theme. You can see the entire blog post and recipe here.
What are some of your favorite comfort foods? Please let me know in the comments selection below. I’m planning out blog posts and I would love to know what YOU want to see! Thanks for stopping by, friends! See you back here tomorrow for an all new Wednesday Wishes!

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